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Advantages of the IVOC‑X® technology

IVOC‑X [Inno­va­tive Vola­tile Orga­nic Com­pound – Oxi­da­tion] is the first manu­fac­tu­rer world­wide to com­bine the advan­ta­ges of cata­ly­sis with heat sto­rage in modu­lar, com­pact and easily scala­ble air pol­lu­tion con­trol sys­tems for vola­tile orga­nic com­pounds (VOCs), achie­ving unpre­ce­den­ted energy effi­ci­ency and long-term sta­bi­lity com­pa­red to exis­ting sys­tems on the market.


Technology Advantages

Energy efficiency & cost saving

  • Effi­ci­ency gain in par­tial-load ope­ra­tion – volume flow of 0–100 % load freely adaptable
  • Depen­ding on the pol­lutant, ope­ra­ting tem­pe­ra­ture is redu­ced from 800–950°C (RTO) to 120–340°C
  • Short hea­ting pha­ses and standby ope­ra­tion without cooling
  • Low pres­sure loss
  • High ther­mal sta­bi­lity with the use of cer­a­mic sto­rage media
  • Fle­xi­bly con­trol­led heat exch­an­ger, degree of heat reco­very freely adjustable
  • Fully auto­ma­tic sys­tem adap­t­ation to pro­cess conditions
  • Effi­ci­ency inde­pen­dent of tem­pe­ra­ture difference
  • Incre­ase in occup­a­tio­nal safety, long-term sta­bi­lity and envi­ron­men­tal protection

More about the effi­ci­ency of IVOC‑X® systems

Availability, space requirement & flexibility

  • Sca­la­bi­lity by modu­lar struc­ture and cou­pling of stan­dard systems
  • Easy instal­la­tion – Plug and Play
  • Easy to inte­grate in exis­ting systems
  • Eco­no­mic alter­na­tive to adsorp­tion by an almost com­plete heat reco­very – without chan­ging adsorb­ents and dis­po­sal costs, no per­son­nel costs and no downtimes
  • Maximum flexibility for pollutant concentration and volume flow

Legal requirements

  • Sui­ta­ble for odor absorp­tion and oxi­da­tion of trace gases
  • Reduc­tion of pol­lutant con­cen­tra­ti­ons ≤ 12g/​m3 below Clean Air Act & MAK limits possible
  • Degradation rate at the highest level

More about app­li­ca­ble legal standards

Environmental protection

  • IVOC‑X® offers a signi­fi­cantly bet­ter energy and CO2 balance than other ther­mal sys­tems on the market
  • Lowest energy consumption despite high degradation rate

Infor­ma­tion on degrad­able pollutants


IVOC X® is com­mit­ted to sus­tainable manage­ment and pro­ces­ses from day one – intern­ally and extern­ally. In addi­tion to low energy con­sump­tion, less com­plex peri­pherals, redu­ced instal­la­tion and insu­la­tion efforts, and lower requi­re­ments for the chim­ney (more com­pact design or eli­mi­na­tion) pro­vide addi­tio­nal savings in raw mate­ri­als and reduce ancil­lary and fol­low-up costs.

The mate­ri­als and com­pon­ents used are selec­ted accord­ing to high qua­lity stan­dards to ensure long ser­vice life. IVOC‑X® sys­tems do not con­tain any addi­tio­nal con­sum­a­bles and can easily be adap­ted to other pro­cess requi­re­ments due to their modu­lar design without having to deve­lop a com­ple­tely new con­cept or system.

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