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IVOC‑X© sys­tems can break down num­e­rous pol­lut­ants and odours. A cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic design of the cata­lyst and the com­pon­ents enables an even fur­ther opti­mi­sa­tion to the pol­lut­ants pre­sent in the exhaust air flow on site.

Thanks to the high effi­ci­ency of IVOC‑X tech­no­logy, you can not only save money in the form of ope­ra­ting costs. At the same time you also reduce CO2 emis­si­ons con­sider­a­bly and con­tri­bute to the pro­tec­tion of the envi­ron­ment. This aspect will become incre­asingly clear in the coming years due to the cli­mate package and the asso­cia­ted tax per tonne of CO2. With IVOC‑X you can alre­ady save CO2 today. The rule is that the hig­her the volume flow, the grea­ter the potential.


Fun­ding opportunities 

By using cata­lysts, the ope­ra­ting tem­pe­ra­ture of our plants is con­sider­a­bly redu­ced. As a result, no addi­tio­nal NOx is pro­du­ced from the air during the com­bus­tion pro­cess. Fur­ther­more, the sys­tems are ope­ra­ted purely elec­tri­cally. By-pro­ducts from gas bur­ners such as unb­ur­ned natu­ral gas, form­alde­hyde and espe­ci­ally NOx can­not be gene­ra­ted at all.

In addi­tion, IVOC‑X tech­no­logy is used in sel­ec­tive cata­ly­tic reduc­tion, or SCR for short. This pro­cess actively con­verts NOx into harm­less nitro­gen (main com­po­nent of air).

By redu­cing the use of energy by up to 90%, con­sidera­ble amounts of resour­ces can be saved. Fos­sil fuels, such as natu­ral gas, are no lon­ger neces­sary due to the use of elec­tri­city from rene­wa­ble ener­gies in IVOC‑X systems.

Due to the redu­ced working tem­pe­ra­tures of IVOC‑X sys­tems, they are more com­pact and con­tain less insu­la­tion mate­rial. The manu­fac­tu­ring foot­print is the­r­e­fore signi­fi­cantly redu­ced com­pared to other ther­mal air puri­fi­ca­tion systems.

By redu­cing pol­lut­ants, you make a signi­fi­cant con­tri­bu­tion to envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion. Depen­ding on the appli­ca­tion, the legally pre­scri­bed limit values can not only be com­plied with, but signi­fi­cantly improved.

Occu­pa­tio­nal health and safety can be signi­fi­cantly impro­ved by redu­cing the amount of hazar­dous sub­s­tances in the work­place. Up to now this has been asso­cia­ted with con­sidera­ble effort. With the Plug&Play sys­tems from IVOC‑X you bene­fit from fast deli­very and easy installation.

The pro­blems are not always directly visi­ble. Many peo­ple are aware that nut­ri­tion and sport con­tri­bute to impro­ving health. With 22000 breaths per day, howe­ver, it should also be clear to ever­yone what value clean air has when it comes to health. Since more and more pol­lut­ants are being intro­du­ced into the atmo­sphere and this will not change in the future, ever­yone can improve this point them­sel­ves by using IVOC‑X systems.

IVOC‑X would like to create trans­pa­rency for its cus­to­mers here by not only visua­li­zing the pol­lutant con­cen­tra­ti­ons live, but also by car­ry­ing out the decom­po­si­tion of the pol­lut­ants and deli­ve­ring the results. This is the only way for the cus­to­mer to see the suc­cess and the bene­fit for his health.

inte­gra­tes IVOC‑X sen­sors into the sys­tems that ensure this. At the same time, we make sure that our sup­pli­ers and pro­duc­tion staff carefully observe pro­ces­ses and gua­ran­tee qua­lity throug­hout the entire pro­duct deve­lo­p­ment cycle.

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