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The opti­mal solu­tion for clean air and pro­cess sta­bi­lity in FDM printing

Technical Data

Fil­ter   HEPA Fil­ter (fine dust)
Vol­tage | Current   230 V | 5 A
Average Con­sump­tion in Operation   200 W inclu­ding fan, sen­sors and con­trol system
Con­trol System   Sie­mens con­trol sys­tem Logo!
Pol­lut­ants   vola­tile orga­nic compounds
Con­cen­tra­tion (Pol­lutant Value)   auto-ther­mal ope­ra­tion sta­ring from 200 mg/​m3
Cata­lyst   pre­cious metal
Volume Flow | Fan   0–10m3/​h as stan­dard | pres­sing of 1100 Pa
Dimen­si­ons (T x B x H) | Weight   620mm x 656mm x 890mm | 80 kg
Opti­ons acid-resistant model
  pol­lutant sensors
  exten­ded cli­ma­tic ope­ra­ting conditions


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Gefördert durch den Freistaat Thüringen aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds.