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Processes & Applications

  • Plastics pro­ces­ses
    Extru­sion, injec­tion moul­ding, gra­nu­la­tion, plastics pro­duc­tion, plastic refi­ning, plastic processing
  • Prin­ting processes
    Addi­tive manu­fac­tu­ring, pack­a­ging prin­ting, prin­ting of adver­ti­sing material
  • Laser pro­ces­ses
    Cut­ting, wel­ding, sin­te­ring, addi­tive manu­fac­tu­ring, light­weight con­struc­tion, per­fo­ra­tion, melting
  • Che­mi­cal and phar­maceu­ti­cal processes
    Manu­fac­tu­ring and dosing of active sub­s­tan­ces, oil refi­ning and natu­ral gas pro­ces­sing, syn­the­sis pme­thods, resi­dual gases
  • Dry­ing and sin­te­ring processes
    Wood, cer­a­mics, natu­ral pro­ducts, electronics
  • Manu­fac­ture of food
    Fry­ing, baking and roas­ting processes
  • Sur­face treatment
    Clea­ning, coa­ting, dis­in­fec­tion, paintwork
  • Tex­tile pro­ces­sing and packaging
    Fab­rics, paper, card­board, foils

Typical pollutants (VOCS)  Source

Mono­mers, buta­di­ene, plasticizers Plastics pro­duc­tion and processing
Metha­nol, etha­nol, other solvents Clea­ning, dis­in­fec­tion, paints, lacquers
Form­alde­hyde, adhe­si­ves, epoxides Fur­ni­ture pro­duc­tion, pain­ting, adhe­sive bon­d­ing, bio­che­mi­cal processes
Car­bon mon­oxide, hydrogen Com­bus­tion, roas­ting, che­mi­cal processes
Ben­zene, toluene, ethyl­ben­zene, xylenes Poly­mer pro­ces­sing, oil refi­nery and natu­ral gas processing

The IVOC‑X® tech­no­logy is also sui­ta­ble for nume­rous other VOCs and reduc­tive processes.

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