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The all-rounder

Professional room air purifier
for your safe working and living environment

The best pro­tec­tion against corona, influ­enza viru­ses, bac­te­ria, germs and fine dust directly from the expert for indus­trial air technology


Guaranteed pollutant-free air

  • Com­pact air puri­fier with mini­mal footprint
  • Easy to set up › unpack, plug in & brea­the clean air
  • Intui­tive ope­ra­tion › con­trol via only 2 buttons
  • Uni­que flow con­cept › active suc­tion of air away from mouth and nose area
  • Hygie­nic con­for­mity to VDI 6022 › anti­mi­cro­bial sur­face coating
  • Gua­ran­teed free of harmful sub­s­tances › no ozone release pos­si­ble on the device
  • Pro­ven prin­ci­ple from clean room tech­no­logy › HEPA H14 fil­ter with 99.995% fil­tra­tion effi­ci­ency, e.g. in ope­ra­ting rooms
  • Long-life fil­ters › hig­hest fil­ter sur­face for maxi­mum fil­ter ser­vice life of the fil­ters in con­ti­nuous use
  • Inte­gra­ted pre-fil­ter › ensu­res high dura­bi­lity of the H14 filter

Innovative air stratification like in clean rooms – so that the air filter doesn’t become a virus chute


Mostly, air fil­ter sys­tems suck in at the bot­tom or the side and blow out at the top – this pro­mo­tes the dis­tri­bu­tion of aero­sols in the room and keeps par­ti­cu­larly large par­tic­les in sus­pen­sion for lon­ger. There they can be inha­led by others. This increa­ses the risk of infection!

Our FX1.000 sucks in the air from the side and dischar­ges the clean air at the bot­tom. This redu­ces the time aero­sols stay in the air, pre­vents them from sin­king to the floor and redu­ces the risk of smear infec­tions.


Technische Daten

room size up to 100 m²
volume flow fan max. 1,400 m³/​h in Norm
dimen­si­ons 400 x 500 x 900 mm (LxBxH)
power con­nec­tion 220–240 V
motor power 170 W
weight | load capacity ca. 37 kg | cover sur­face up to  100 kg
Fil­ter type | Fil­ter area HEPA H14 & ISO ePM10 > 50% | 13.4 m²
Fil­ter standard DIN EN 1822 indi­vi­du­ally tes­ted with certificate
noise level from 17 db(A)
CE decla­ra­tion yes
Cer­ti­fi­ca­tes TÜV Thü­rin­gen, IUTA
hygie­nic accor­ding to VDI 6022
Con­trol 6‑stage con­trol
CO2 traf­fic light | Pol­lutant monitoring 

per LED (CO2 sen­sor, VOC-sensor)

fil­ter sta­tus display per LED (sen­sor monitored)


Report City of Jena Room Air Purifier

More infor­ma­tion at:


The IVOC‑X® FX1.000 eli­mi­na­tes safely

  • viru­ses, bac­te­ria and germs
  • aller­gens, spo­res and pollen
  • toner dust from printers/​copiers
  • fine dust from ambi­ent traffic
  • skin par­tic­les and hair
  • house dust and mites
  • ani­mal hair and odo­rous substances
  • soot par­tic­les and smoke from cand­les, ciga­ret­tes and fireplaces
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